Dimensional Edge is an advisory practice working at the intersection of business strategy, data science and spatial IT.

We solve complex problems for clients across many sectors.

We work with proven, open source technologies that we can deploy and scale anytime, anywhere.

We believe in making the world a better place and are led by our desire to do great work and create new possibilities.

The business began in 2008 and is led by Mark Wynter. When not advising Dimensional Edge clients, Mark is technical lead of Geospatial Economic Modelling at PriceWaterhouseCoopers Australia.


Location Matters

Each minute and each dollar is spent somewhere!

As the digital world transcends our physical world, the need to correlate the increasing volume and variety of activity and event data on the basis of time and place has never been greater.

At Dimensional Edge, we do bespoke analysis for service organisations to help take better account of demographic and behavioral shifts, spatio-temporal activity patterns and movements, network interconnections, cause-effect relationships, vicious and virtuous cycles and macro-level effects – to ultimately improve the planning and delivery of services to consumers, where and when they are needed.

The economics of service provision



Open Street Map Routing Intelligence Platform


[coming soon]

Map Matching with OSM

[coming soon]

Spatio-Analytics Workbench

Where the magic happens!

Prebuilt Analytics Machine Image

Latest PostgreSQL/PostGIS, R, QGIS and GRASS.
Built on RHEL/CentOS version 6.5.
Deployed on AWS, or your own servers.
Easily integrates with GISCloud, CartoDB or GeoCloud2 web mapping front-ends.

Training and Support

We provide practical training and support in the Open Source packages that make up SAW. Our programs draw upon our extensive consulting experiences and the Body of Knowledge we have built over the years, with well documented code examples and playbooks to ensure you get the most from your geo-analytics investment.

Code Foundry

A visual exposé of our code patterns available at github


We enjoy collaborating with like-minded people to create mutual opportunities.
Our imagination and creativity has no borders.
We have a passion for innovation and diversity.

Mark Wynter

Principal Consultant

Mark’s professional career spans 20 years experience in operations, commercial and business advisory roles. Mark began his career in the New Zealand fishing industry before completing his Masters in Marine Resource Economics in the UK. He remained in the UK working for major brands including T-Mobile and Virgin, before returning to Australia to continue his career in the utilities, telecommunications and agribusiness sectors. Between 2006-8, Mark led the business case modelling team for the Optus / Elders (OPEL) Joint Venture, culminating in the awarding of $1B of government funds to OPEL for the deployment of broadband infrastructure and services to under-served communities in rural and regional Australia. Following the success of OPEL, Mark began Dimensional Edge in 2008. When not advising Dimensional Edge clients, Mark is technical lead of Geospatial Economic Modelling at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Australia.



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